yet another digital home

nothing is permitted, everything is true

my name is unnecessary. for now you can call me murx (you might ask: 'murks' is a colloquial german name for faulty things). born in the german democratic republic shortly before the wall was destructed. until now my physical body is located in dresden. when i was a child i wanted to become an actor - i stopped dreaming when i was sixteen. since then reality determines my live. now i found some passions in writing stuff, hacking, art, technology, politics and socializing. i´m trying to be free in my thoughts so i am not a member in any political party. fighting for privacy and (digital) freedom is my part of beeing a good citizen and maybe ... you can call me anonymous.

i´m hosting here my personal blog (only in german for now) and a map for the dumpster diving community in dresden, germany.

you got any nice links, topics or book recommendations for me? please leave a message!

social networking: jabber, several irc-channels, diaspora and IRL @ C3D2